HOTTER THAN HOT!!!!!!!!!! Sweettrails on Fat BMX!!!!

We staan op Fat BMX!!! Hier een stukje:

The RedBull backyard digger program helped out three towns this summer and one of them was Zoetermeer. While in the area we decided to check out the venue. It was right next to Snowworld so easy to get to. Once at Snowworld we followed the "Fietscrossbaan" signs and the newly built trails were right next to it. But the track was so much fun that for 30 minutes we did not even check out the trails! Noone was riding the spot so it was hard to see how the spot worked from a little distance. Once closer the jumps were BIG!

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DH: Van de Haterd wereld kampioen bij de oude mannen

Bron: Dirtmag

Just had a text message from Jerry "Twiggy" Twigg out in Pra Loup to say that Lee "Bertie" Bertram is now the World Masters Champion in the 30-34 group. Twiggy crashed out, so to Rich Simpson. Apparently Paul "Frenchie" French came in 2nd in the 40-44 (really old goat) category. And Lynda Davies is World Champion in the 40+ women

30-34 men
1/ Lee Bertram 2:42.64
2/ Shaums March 2:44.57
3/ MISSER Pau 2:44.73
4/ BALAUD Alexandre 2:45.15
5/ LAGNEAU Cyril 2:46.68
6/ O'BRIEN Glyn 2:46.79

Men 35-39
1/ VAN DE HATERD Wilfred 2:47.40
2/ TRIBUS Lars 2:49.08
3/ MILWARD Mark 2:50.8
4/ BARCONS GONZALEZ Carlos 2:50.91
5/ TAILLEFER Christian 2:51.25

Full results when I get them.

Women 40+
DAVIES Lynda 3:41.68
2/LEHMANN Elfriede 4:00.01
3/ PABION Nathalie 4:26.29

Vid: Red Bull Dirt Pipe

Inmiddels al een vid van juni maar zeker de moeite waard!!!

1 woord: HUGE!!!

Pedalpark Groningen

De dirtspots schieten op het moment als paddestoelen uit de grond and we like it!!! Dit kwam ik tegen op het SDG forum.