Mini Fat Jam 29 maart 2008

Bron: Fat BMX

The Mini-FAT-JAM is around the corner. On Saturday 29 March the Sugar Hills trails in Aarle-Rixtel will be the place to be for everyone who wants to get an early season trails session in. The trails have never looked better. There are some decent doubles for those who want to go crazy but there are enough tables and small jumps for everyone to give dirt jumping a try. The sandy surface makes for soft landings too so the crashes will be a bit more comfortable.

The trails are open from 13:00hr and after the session everyone is invited to come watch the unofficial Dutch Odyssey Electronical premiere at OJA (20:00hr). Paul's Boutique will open its doors at 11:00hr that day so if you need anything you can do so in the same trip to Aarle-Rixtel. King Of Choq will make it this year and also a big Ueber 30 crew from Germany. The Belgian posse will be large and the Dutch BMX racers will show they're ready for Beijing.

Place: Sugar Hills trails
Location: Valkendijk, Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands

11:00hr - Paul's Boutique (Dorpsstraat 66a)
13:00hr - Mini-FAT-JAM (Valkendijk)
20:00hr - Electronical premiere at OJA (Schoolstraat).