Dubbel Frontflip in foam

Does it ever stop.......

Man! Wat ligt het niveau hoog op het moment!

double front flip

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Meer van de Simpel Sessions

Winnende run van Reynolds

2e plaats van Young

3e plaats van Dher

Eastpak Team Video

EASTPAK BMX TEAM AT SESSION CONTEST from woozybmx.com on Vimeo.

Vans Team Video


Uitslag Simpel Session

Results Simpel Session
Tallinn, Estonia.

1. Garret Reynolds USA
2. Gary Young USA
3. Daniel Dhers VEN
4. Colin Mackay USA
5. Scotty Cranmer USA
6. Tyler Morrow USA
7. Kym Grosser AUS
8. Morgan Wade USA
9. Jason Phelan IRL
10. Chase Hawk USA

RedBull 180 contest winner:

Garrett Reynolds

Soul BMX video is online!!!

Bron: Fat BMX

Soulbmx.tv is online. A little behind schedule, but whatever. To use the full potential of the portal SoulBMX asks you to set up a user account - done in 10 sec. After that, confirm the link you´ll get via email - old story. After that you can:

- Community: Set up your profile, choose your homebase and see which people are registered/online too from around your spot (locals) and send them a message.

- Videos: Watch and rate Vids, check out the related Spots and see the Rider list (click on the "Rider"-Tab!). Apart from that you can browse through the different channels and dip into the soul archives.

- Spots: You can see different spots with additional information (very fragmented at the moment, more to come!), and check out videos, that are related to that spot. To see more spots, simply zoom in and out and click on the pin!

So if this is a starting point, whats to come:
- community: upload your own vids and spots, hook up with friends (soulmates) and invite and search for them, rider tagging (see if your featured in any vids) and: extended search for spots, riders and persons, full foto section and and and...

So you see, it doesn´t stop here. But for now, please have a look around, enjoy it and send us feedback or bugs you come across. Have fun with soulbmx.tv

Ga nu naar Soul BMX Video>>

Live Webcast Simple Session 2008!!!

Bron: Fat BMX

Freecaster.tv will be streaming a high-quality Live Webcast from Simpel Session in Tallinn, Estonia on January 25th and 26th. Now in it's 8th year Simpel Session has been building a reputation for creating a truly supportive and encouraging vibe, making it an exciting destination for skateboarders and BMX riders alike all over the globe. The course design, by Nate Wessel is dialed for Skate and BMX

which will create new challenges for the riders, making the show even more spectacular for spectators. Fuel TV's David Mavro comments: "The list of riders this year is nuts. Seriously I have not seen a contest with this type of field in a long time. It's clear Simpel Session has grown into THE event, hands down." Truly, this year’s Simpel Session has gathered all-time best line-up and the BMX and skate community coming to Tallinn will be huge.

Freecaster.tv is thrilled to come to Tallinn to broadcast Live. "I'm really excited to start the 2008 Skate and BMX seasons." Says Raymond Dulieu, CEO Freecaster.tv. "Unfortunately I cannot be there personally as I will be covering the Winter X Games, but I'll be one of those watching it live on Freecaster." Freecaster.tv has an important role for sending out the stream on their environment but of course this cannot be done without the Simpel Session broadcast team. It consist more than 25 people and 8 cameras working for the live coverage. Live interviews and judging/scoring system will make the webcast even more exciting.

It's third year when Simpel Session broadcasts the entire contest live on screen and over the internet and the first time to work together with Freecaster.tv. Last year Simpel Session’s live webcast gathered almost the same amount of viewers than the webcast for Estonian Eurovison song contest. It's also possible to watch the event straight from the events website.

Highlights will also be available straight after the event on Freecaster.tv/BMX and Freecaster/sk8 so don't worry too much if the journey to Northern Europe is too far, Freecaster.tv will be there to make sure you don't miss any of the outstanding action from Simpel Session 08. But of course if you have the slightest chance to still book your flight to Tallinn, don't hesitate as this years contest will be an event to remember.

Live Webcast Schedule:

SATURDAY 26th of JAN (Estonian time: GMT+2)
11:00 - 14:00 skate qualifying
14:00 - 15:00 BMX warmup (1st group)
15:00 - 17:15 BMX qualifying (1st group)
17:15 - 18:15 BMX warmup (2nd group)
18:15 - 21:00 BMX qualifying (2nd group)

SUNDAY 27th of JAN (Estonian time: GMT+2)
12:00 – 13:00 skate half finals
13:00 – 14:00 skate warmup
14:00 – 15:30 skate finals
15:30 – 16:00 Red Bull Skate Best Trick
16:00 – 17:00 BMX warmup
17:00 – 17:30 Snickers BMX 180 Long Jump
17:30 – 19:30 BMX finals
19:30 – 20:00 Prize ceremony

De webcast zal hier op de Sweettrails weblog live te volgen zijn!!!!!

4X: Nieuwe sponsor voor Jurg Meijer

Bron: Frontline Magazine

Jurg Meijer, der 2007 WM Bronze beim 4X in Fort William geholt hat, wechselt zum österreichischen RSP Racing Team und wird auf einem Giant Bike Platz nehmen. Das Team, dass sich schon seit Jahren in der heimischen 4X Szene engagiert, hat mit dem Niederländer nun auch international einen absoluten Topfahrer im 4X Startgatter. Auch Alleskönner Michal Marosi wird RSP weiterhin erhalten bleiben.

Video Tour of Fit and S&M Bikes

Bron: Vital BMX

Back in October S&M’s Sean McKinney gave Brett Rholfing a tour of the S&M and Fit warehouse for this video segment. The video may be a couple months old, but it still gives you a great look inside one of the most popular companies in BMX.

Ga naar video>>

Nate Wessel Interview

Name: Nathan Wessel
Age: 31
Hometown: Centre Hall, PA

You have a lot of things going on Nate, the ramp building, the riding, the family and Team Blowin' it. Let's start with the ramp building. How many days a year are you on the job building ramps? Nate: 472 (what) Sorry I never was that good at math. I’m really not sure but I do know that it is way too many days. This last year was probably my busiest yet. It is good and bad. Good because I have work, but bad when I am away from my family.

What are some of the ramps that you built in 2007? Nate: I designed some stuff for the Simple Session event in Estonia, 2 20,000 sq ft indoor and outdoor area, plus a simulated ski hill into an aerated pool, The X games Vert ramp, X games BMX park course and the skateboard street course. A box jump ¼ pipe and driveway set up for some Vans shows in Guam. Back yard ramp Nike 6.0 Banksgiving jam at Garrett Reynolds house, Crazy step up step down at the Flow skatepark for Nike 6.0 contest., Back yard ramp Nike 6.0 Banksgiving jam at Ben Snowden’s house., New skate plaza in the Hanger at Woodward West, Vert ramp and BMX/ Skateboard street course for X games Mexico, Designing an indoor training facility for snowboarding and skiing at Copper Mountain in Colorado, A wood bowl in the Woodward @ Copper retail store, BMX/ Skateboard street course for X games Dubai, A bunch of other design work for other projects that may or may not happen. And of course all of these things were built with the help of friends and people that are on my crew.

Lees verder op Fat BMX>>

New ride for Pat

Pat heeft dus een nieuwe bike. Het is een '07 Eastern Jane. Het zal vreemd zijn om 'm z'n backflips nou eens niet op een grijze of een groene bike te zien doen. (Ben benieuwd wanneer Richard z'n Eastern komt)

Greetz Ilja

Nieuwe Scotty Cranmer Vid

Prepare to be amazed!!!!!

Erik Vlaardingenbroek 3e bij EK Zwolle

In het nieuwe clubshirt van FCV Zoetermeer '77.

Round 3 - ZWOLLE
04 - Cruiser 30/39

1 98 WICHMAN Joost Nederland
2 3 ALAVOINE David France
3 41 VLAARDINGERBROCK Erik Nederland
4 78 SOBORG Ib Denmark
5 17 VAKKERS Jill Nederland
6 79 MONTGOMERY Bregita Netherlands Antilles
7 89 VAN DER HEIDE Marcel Nederland
8 7 BONICI Yann France

Check hier het filmpje van zijn race op bmxvideos.com


We hebben een een nieuwe linklist gemaakt met leuke games om op de regenachtige dagen nog een beetje het idee te hebben dat je aan het sporten bent. Check de lijst rechtsonder.

Greetz Ilja

Andreu Lacondeguy: eerste Backflip van een snowboardschans

Bron: Pinkbike

Andreu Lacondeguy is the first one to land a backflip jumping a snow big air ramp on a mountain bike. Exactly a week before his 19th birthday, Kona-Teamrider Andreu made his way into mountain bike history. About 7.000 visitors of the Snowboard Big Air World Cup in Graz paid tribute to the courage of this uprising young Spanish athlete.

Jumping a huge sized snow ramp constructed for skiers & snowboarders is a risky attempt itself. Only a few mountain bikers did take this chance before. The snowy surface in combination with the high speed and the distance of the jump itself are the factors that make it a real stunt.

Arrived at the location in Graz, the Spanish native didn't fight the own excitement but the temperatures: "I didn't expect that it would be that cold, I should have taken some more warm clothes with me." Attempting one straight jump on Friday, this challenge seemed to be no problem for Andreu at all.

After the quarterfinals of the Snowboard Big Air World Cup on Saturday, Andreu Lacondeguy rolled into the steep bank and pulled his whole body backwards while loosing the ground under his tires. The whole crowd screaming and yelling, he pulled his bike in a nice smooth vertical rotation and did fly about 20 meters before landing perfectly safe. Only reducing the speed after touching the landing table made the bike a little bit bumpy. Long standing ovations followed, before the main contest was to proceed.

Andreu's statement after the jump: ”I was a little bit nervous on the start. I never rode snowboard jumps before and I was not really sure, if it would work out. I just did one practice jump yesterday because jumping that wide is really risky. Today I just flipped it and I landed it clean and perfect. That was the first event of the year for me and I did my biggest backflip ever. That is just amazing for me! Thanks to Red Bull for making this great experience possible.”

Andreu Lacondeguy once again did show his amazing talent and fearlessness that makes him to one of the superstars within the mountain bike sport. Be sure the summer will be exciting. The scene should look forward to see him conquering the airspace at the most important freeride events all over the world.

Red Bull Elevation 2007

Sicke dirts in Whistler Canada