Nate Wessel Interview

Name: Nathan Wessel
Age: 31
Hometown: Centre Hall, PA

You have a lot of things going on Nate, the ramp building, the riding, the family and Team Blowin' it. Let's start with the ramp building. How many days a year are you on the job building ramps? Nate: 472 (what) Sorry I never was that good at math. I’m really not sure but I do know that it is way too many days. This last year was probably my busiest yet. It is good and bad. Good because I have work, but bad when I am away from my family.

What are some of the ramps that you built in 2007? Nate: I designed some stuff for the Simple Session event in Estonia, 2 20,000 sq ft indoor and outdoor area, plus a simulated ski hill into an aerated pool, The X games Vert ramp, X games BMX park course and the skateboard street course. A box jump ¼ pipe and driveway set up for some Vans shows in Guam. Back yard ramp Nike 6.0 Banksgiving jam at Garrett Reynolds house, Crazy step up step down at the Flow skatepark for Nike 6.0 contest., Back yard ramp Nike 6.0 Banksgiving jam at Ben Snowden’s house., New skate plaza in the Hanger at Woodward West, Vert ramp and BMX/ Skateboard street course for X games Mexico, Designing an indoor training facility for snowboarding and skiing at Copper Mountain in Colorado, A wood bowl in the Woodward @ Copper retail store, BMX/ Skateboard street course for X games Dubai, A bunch of other design work for other projects that may or may not happen. And of course all of these things were built with the help of friends and people that are on my crew.

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